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Changing Modes: Music

Houses of Cards (In Flight - 2012)

(Changing Modes)
April 17, 2012
Wendy Griffiths

Twenty years ago you pledged
to serve the service
But the questions you raised
made the leaders kinda nervous
Sacrificial lamb in a game of deception
And they have their ways to
point you in the right direction

You kept all their secrets as was your duty
But you couldn’t hide when you heard
the lies they were giving
Their weapons were dark
and designed to obliterate
Now you’re on your own you are on your own
Now you’re on your own you are on your own

The ones who knew were
so conflicted contradicted
You can be sure it was predicted
Turn the lights down low for a change

Houses of cards are such delicate structures
You can destroy them way too easily
Just like Alice thru the looking glass
You stepped over now you can’t get back   

Houses of cards houses of cards