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By  | March 13th, 2013

Are you in the mood for a new art rock band? Brooklyn’s own Changing Modesis keeping the genre alive with their single, “Down To You,” taken from their equally artful album In Flight.

This single has a dark and intriguing sound as it journeys into a lethargic, downtempo realm, with a lot of wah effects to emphasize the atmosphere. The vocals are melancholy and slightly sad as the piano follows behind, and the bass and guitar interweave with each other as they eventually meet up with the rest of the instrumentals, creating a precisely calculated orchestral art rock ballad. It’s peculiar, obscure, and off-kilter while still maintaining enough structure to pique your ears.

Check out Changing Modes’ album, In Flight, and if you still want more, perhaps you can catch one of their shows.


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