Radio Airplay 

New Album "HERE" is now available on & iTunes.  The album has been receiving airplay on the following radio stations. If you live in any of these areas please request us!

WORT - 89.9FM  Madison, WI  -  (608) 256.2001

KXCI - 91.3FM  Tuscon, AZ  -  (520) 622.5924

KDVS - 90.3FM  Davis, CA  -  (530) 752-2777

KCSS - 91.9FM  Turlock, CA  -  (209) 667.3900

KCSU - 90.5FM  FT. Collins, CO  -  (970) 491.KCSU(5278)

WESU - 88.1FM  Middletown CT  -  (860) 685.7700

WWUH - 91.3FM  West Hartford CT…

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In Flight album review! 

Thank you, Daniel Davidson-Amadi!

Changing Modes In Flight

reviewer: Daniel Davidson-Amadi

Changing Modes’ ‘In Flight’ album has a bit of a soft pop slant to it. It sounds very safe and uncomplicated from the band but its veiled complexity is, in fact, a testament to the New York City based band’s mastery of their craft. Listeners will appreciate their ability to produce songs that are easy to swallow whilst not exuding amateurish…

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"Down To You" review 

Thank you, Christiana Bartolini!

What's so good?

By Christiana Bartolini | March 13th, 2013

Are you in the mood for a new art rock band? Brooklyn’s own Changing Modesis keeping the genre alive with their single, “Down To You,” taken from their equally artful album In Flight.

This single has a dark and intriguing sound as it journeys into a lethargic, downtempo realm, with a lot of wah effects to emphasize the atmosphere. The vocals are melancholy and slightly sad as the piano follows behind, and the bass…

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sweet review from our show @ Spike Hill 

Thank you so much, delarue!

Changing Modes: Hard to Figure Out, Easy to Sing Along to at Spike Hill by delarue

Isn’t it a pain to have to choose between two equally tantalizing shows? Saturday night, it was impossible to resist the temptation to sneak away from the Brooklyn What’s album release gig at Public Assembly while the opening acts played, since Changing Modes were on the bill around the corner at Spike Hill. With two keyboardists, guitar, bass and drums, their music is complex yet manages to be…

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Changing Modes at NXNE 

Changing Modes will be performing at 2012 NXNE (North by North East) in Toronto!  The band will play two shows on June 16th at Sneaky Dee's (8pm) and THE ROCHESTER (12am). 

Back in NYC & in the recording studio 

We're back from our Brooklyn to Atlanta tour! It was a successful journey & a fun adventure which included new fans & diverse crowds, a blown tire & poolside hail, and great homemade cookin' by yours truly (the band). Jen was a trooper! Despite being 6 months pregnant, she toughed out long drives and late shows. Go Jen!

7 shows in 11 days helped us nail our parts for four more songs which are being recorded this weekend.

Fun times then, now and more to come!!!

Kickstarter & Summer Tour 

We are on Kickstarter!  Please support our upcoming summer tour, finishing our new album, and buying/repairing new equipment.  Kickstarter is a fundraising site to support creative projects - help us keep making great music!

We are very excited about our upcoming tour!  If you know someone in the following areas, please tell them to come to our shows! 

Wednesday, June 1: Sullivan Hall, New York…

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First Japan Benefit was a success! 

We're happy to report that we raised $200 @ the Knitting Factory on Thursday, 4/7/11 for the

Japan/Pacific Tsunami Relief! We will raise more funds at the next benefit this coming TUESDAY, 4/12/11 @ 9pm

@ the Local 269 Please see our home page/calendar for more info.