NEW MUSIC: CHANGING MODES – DINOSAUR New York art rockers Changing Modes are back with a new single Dinosaur, ahead of their upcoming sixth full length album The Paradox of Traveling Light, out on July 18th. It seems a long time since the band began with the homemade tapes of songwriter Wendy Griffiths in the mid 90′s. Joined by Yuzuru Sadashige, Grace Pulliam and Timur Yusef , the band do a neat line in glistening Blondie-ish PopDinosaur begins with this swirling, stuttering, stifling pop – full of melody, pitched somewhere between The B-52′s and Blondie, with touches of Madness even in the arrangement. It manages to skillfully blend glorious melodic pop and this rhythmically unstable feel, to make something that sparkles.” - Jim Fletcher